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The 30 Minute Window

We took a minute to read The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp and were inspired to talk about how important it is for spouses to exercise the "30 minute" project into marriages. So many husbands and wives are busy working through life, kids, and solving the world's problems that marriage gets put on the back burner. When either working party gets home, we all have non-verbals that say we want some me-time, and that getting home to conquer another world is not high on our list of priorities.

So what do you do? We often continue the stress of making home another job initially for ourselves, and then for our spouses. This is especially true when one party has had the kids all day and sees another coming home as a break. Who wants to come home to that? Were sure if you answered "not me", your like 90% of the rest of the country. So what's the fix?

If your looking to foster an environment where your marriage and home is not another job and that you want to honor your spouse, try this for size. Make the first 30 minutes of your spouse coming home all about them. Yes, we said it; give your spouse another lunch break. After taking on your individual worlds, giving each other that window of rest important. It allows you to reset your day, breathe, and even find bliss in doing something rewarding and restful. So here are some tips you could try:

-Have your spouse's favorite show set up on the TV to watch

-Have dinner already prepared, hot and ready for them to eat

-Have workout clothes ready to go so you can both head to the gym

-Ask how their day went and be prepared to listen

-Schedule the kids away during that time, so its just you and your spouse

-Play relaxing music and have some candles or low lights on.

-Have a good book ready to read or anything they find stimulating

-Sex is always fun!!!

Incorporate some of these strategies into your 30 minute window for your spouse. We imagine you or they may be a little resistant because it's different. They may even second guess that you are after something. Encourage them that your not, but that this is a opportunity for you to pour into them and to clear the air. Husband's will appreciate the respect and women will feel the love.

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